At Spectrum Lighting & Interiors in Urbandale, we know how important your bathroom lighting is to your daily routine. You use the bathroom to shower and get ready in the morning, and it’s the last room you visit before you climb into bed at night. It’s important that the overhead lights, vanity lights, and other fixtures in your bathroom are working properly. However, it’s also important that they match your personal tastes, since you see and use them on a regular basis. Our showroom is filled with the latest bathroom lighting trends, and we can help you find the perfect fixtures for your home!

Improved Lighting Function

First off, let’s talk about how well your lighting functions within the space. It’s one thing for each fixture to work as it should, but is it providing the light you need for tasks such as showering or shaving? That old semi-flush mount light on the ceiling might not produce the lumens that are required for adequate ambient lighting, and it could be a good idea to replace it. You could opt for a small chandelier or large pendant, but we’ll talk more about form and style in a little bit.

An outdated vanity fixture is a prime example of a light that doesn’t function as it should. Light from above the mirror can cast unflattering lines and shadows on your face as you stand at the sink. By replacing that vanity fixture with sconces on either side of the mirror, you can have brighter, more functional light for those daily tasks such as brushing your teeth or putting on makeup.

Improved Lighting Form

The residential bathroom has come a long way from simply being a space with a sink, a bathtub, and a toilet. You may want that luxurious, spa-like atmosphere that you’ve seen in a home or design magazine, and our team can help you achieve that. The form and style of your bathroom lighting plays a big part in how you use the space, but they also contribute to how much you enjoy the bathroom.

If you’re looking for modern fixtures, such as chandeliers or pendants, that you can incorporate into your bathroom design, then our showroom staff can help you narrow down your choices. We’ll show you a number of options from the world’s leading lighting manufacturers, helping you create a cohesive lighting design that matches your tastes. After all, you’re going to be in the bathroom every single day, so why not have lighting that you love?

Visit Us Today

There are always new bathroom lights to choose from, and if you’ve been thinking about how you can make your master or guest bath more functional and more inviting, then visit Spectrum today. We’ll put our years of experience to use for you, and we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you come away with the right lighting for your home. Before you know it, your new lights will be installed, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

We look forward to seeing you soon!