1. Why Our Local Lighting Store is for You

    Spectrum Lighting & Interiors is a local lighting store in Urbandale that has been proudly serving central Iowa with the best lighting selection for more than 30 years. Our American Lighting Association (ALA) certified lighting designers can't wait to help you with your home or office lighting n…Read More

  2. 4 Bathroom Lighting Fixtures to Go With Any Style

    Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or you just want a fresh look, Spectrum Lighting & Interiors offers a plethora of bathroom lighting fixtures to suit your needs. Below, we'll go over four of our favorite fixtures to incorporate into your bathroom design. Stop by our lighting showroom in …Read More

  3. 4 Ways to Update Your Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

    If you are looking around your backyard or at your office's outdoor space and thinking that your outdoor lighting needs an update, it's time to visit Spectrum Lighting & Interiors. Our lighting showroom in Urbandale is the largest in Iowa. Below, we'll offer some tips to update your landscape an…Read More

  4. Lighting Trends of 2022

    Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a home. It sets the mood and creates a sense of calm or excitement. The lighting trends predicted for 2022 are going to be a combination of new and old from those seen today. At Spectrum Lighting & Interiors, we're committed to sharing our expert …Read More

  5. Finding New Dining Room Lights

    At Spectrum Lighting & Interiors in Urbandale, there’s nothing we love more than helping a customer find the perfect light fixtures for their home. Whether you’re updating your bathroom, bedroom, or dining room, we can provide you with a number of outstanding options. This might be the first…Read More

  6. Update Your Bedroom Lights This Summer

    Summer can be the perfect season to update your bedroom lighting. You’re spending more time at home, you’re staying up later, and you’re sleeping in on the weekends. At Spectrum Lighting & Interiors in Urbandale, we can help you find the perfect bedroom light fixtures, including table and …Read More

  7. How To Improve Your Bathroom Lighting

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