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Lighting Trends of 2022

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a home. It sets the mood and creates a sense of calm or excitement. The lighting trends predicted for 2022 are going to be a combination of new and old from those seen today. At Spectrum Lighting & Interiors, we're committed to sharing our expert knowledge about light trends as well as providing you with all the latest lighting fixtures to meet your home lighting needs. Stop into our Urbandale showroom today or shop online now!

Architectural Chandeliers

One lighting trend predicted for 2022 is architectural chandeliers. The idea of creating light fixtures that mimic architecture has been around for years, but it's making a comeback in the form of large-scale pieces with several arms to create an opulent look. They are often custom-made and can fit any decor style from rustic farmhouse chic or mid-century modern to contemporary or traditional.

Black Finished Fixtures

Another lighting trend for 2022 is black finished fixtures. This look has been around in the form of lamps, but it's just starting to become popular with light fixtures of many different types as well. Black finishes are sleek and classic while also creating a very dramatic feel when used throughout a room or home.

Monochromatic Lighting Fixtures

Monochromatic lighting fixtures are a trend that will continue into 2022. The idea of using one color in all the light fixtures throughout a room or home is not new, but it's becoming more popular with homeowners who want to incorporate this look without making too much of an impact on their budget. Monochromatic lights can be black and white or one bright color, such as red.

Art Deco-Shaped Fixtures

The art deco movement was all about glamour and elegance, and that's what we're seeing in light fixtures today. Art deco-shaped fixtures are making a comeback with their sleek curves and intricate details. They add a touch of luxury to any space and can be used in both traditional and contemporary homes.

At Spectrum Lighting & Interiors, we have a wide variety of light fixtures to fit any style or trend. Stop into our Urbandale showroom today or shop online now! Our team of lighting specialists can't wait to help you create the perfect lighting for your home.

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