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As energy prices continue to rise, most of us are looking for ways to save on energy costs, and any way helps. Here at Spectrum Lighting & Interiors, a local lighting store in Urbandale, Iowa, we offer energy saving fans and LED light bulbs that can make a difference in your pocketbook. Learn more about energy saving fans and LED light bulbs below, and stop by or shop online today!


An energy saving fan has been certified by ENERGY STAR to be up to 60% more efficient than other types of ceiling fans. This is due to a more efficient motor, improved blade designs, and less air resistance.

Patio with ceiling fans
Living room with ceiling fan

Use in Conjunction With Your AC Unit

You'll get the most energy savings when you use your energy saving fan in conjunction with your air conditioning unit. Ceiling fans allow you to use your AC less, which can save a ton of money since AC units are notorious for using a lot of energy.

LED Lighting Explained

LED light bulbs (or light emitting diodes) are a type of lighting that converts electricity into an extremely bright type of lighting. LED light bulbs can use up to 90% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than other types of light bulbs. This saves you enormous amounts of time, effort, and money when added up cumulatively for all of your lighting needs.

Sitting room with ceiling fan
Bedroom with ceiling fan

LED Light Bulbs Give Off Less Heat

You may have remembered as a child accidentally touching an incandescent light bulb, and it burned your finger. Thanks to advancements in technology, LED light bulbs now use heat sinks to absorb any heat produced by the lighting. This keeps your room cooler, too, because there is no light being emitted into the space.


As the largest lighting showroom in central Iowa, Spectrum Lighting & Interiors offers lighting and energy saving fans from almost 200 vendors in the latest styles and trends to suit your needs. Stop by to see the possible energy savings, or shop online today!

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